My mom, like so many others, is a survivor.  An immigrant to the United States, she worked in the hotel industry every day of her life for nearly 50 years. And though she raised two children alone on a small paycheck, often struggling to make ends meet, she was determined to give us a world full of opportunities. A mom, she was there for my brother and me.

So when she was surprisingly fired from her job at 75, I was there for her. "Duty Free" tells the story of my mom living her best life - checking off bucket list items she was never able to do while working - while also showing her struggle to live on no income, and an age-discriminating workforce.

This is a story of mom and son, old and young, and squeezing the most out of life at any age.

We've shot 5 of her 12 bucket list items, and are on a mission to raise $50,000 to shoot and edit the rest of our film over the next year. We hope to submit it to festivals and stream it so that you and your mom (or dad) can squeeze the most out of your lives...together.